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The Bowl Session 2


Rules – Event








This arena of demolition derby is an semi-off road one. Yellow area is covered with sand.

Effect on Sand (Two corners on it)

+ D1 to all maneuver

-3 for crash roll and always crash roll on table 2 before table 1

-1 modifier on weapon fire


Vehicles enter arena at 30mph. No acceleration or deceleration in the first phase


This arena will stop at the end of the 15th second.








OR Hotshot SMD, designed by compendium 2.5

<Vehicle Description>


x-hvy chassis

off-road Suspension

super power plant

4 PR Off-road Tires

Driver (Body Armor),

Fire extinguisher

2 linked MGs front

FT right

FT left

linked FT and SMD w/napalm mines back

Plastic armor : F24, L18, R18, B20, T10, U18

Accel. 2.5mph, Top Speed 110mph, HC 2 (3 on sand), 6600 lbs (DM 1), $ 18 770



<Vehicle Description>

Luxury, light chassis, off-road Suspension, medium power plant, 4 PR Off-road Tires,

Fake driver, 6 fake weapons

Plastic armor : F10, L5, R5, B10, T5, U10

Accel. 2.5mph, Top Speed 102,5mph, HC 2 (3 on sand), 3465 lbs (DM 2/3), $ 8 150


OR  Hotshot SMD, designed by compendium 2.5 – VERSION FRANCAISE

<Vehicle Description>


chassis super renforcé

super générateur

suspension cross

pneus increvables cross,

Pilote (armure corporelle)


2 Mitrailleuses couplées (Avant)

1 Lance-flammes (Gauche)

1 Lance-flammes (Droite)

1 Lance-flammes et 1 dispenseur de mines spéciales napalm couplés (Arrière)

Armure : Avant 24,  Arrière 20, Gauche 18, Droite 18, Toit 10, Fond 18,

Accelération 2.5mph, Vitesse de pointe 110mph

Tenue de Route (HC) 2 (3 sur sable),  6 600 lbs (DM 1), $ 18 770