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Rules - Event




2035 Dinosaur Down


This time, it’s a racing arena on the Dinosaur Downs Speedway !


Arena Walkaround

White areas (ext.) are indestructible walls along the outside of the track (DM1)

White areas (int.) are indestructible low walls surrounding the orange areas. Duellist can fire with weapons above them. A vehicle in a sidewipe takes damage as usual (DM 2/3) and keeps in the racetrack. In case of a frontal collision, the vehicle bypasses them and goes through the center badlands zone (orange), taking collision damage at DM 1/3, tire damage at DM 1/5, looses 1/4 of speed and suffers a D3 + D1 hazard per 10mph of lost of speed. Off-Road rules apply when driving in badlands. Going outside the badlands to the racetrack is like taking an obstacle, D3 hazard and tire damage. A duellist will have 6 turns to recover the racetrack or be counted as a KILL.


Race Walkaround

Duellists enter arena at 90mph (3" per turn). Each gang will drive two tankbusters who must take different ways.

No modifications for speed during the first phase.


To complete the race, a duellist must make a full lap of the speedway, while crossing all checkpoint and the finish lane.

At the first checkpoint, each vehicle must choose between the two ways, North or East.




Soon or later, duellists will drive the same road with other duellists coming from the opposite direction at full speed. Keep to your right and use radio, to evade head-on collision !

Weapon systems switch on when a vehicle cross the first checkpoint.

AWOL vehicle accelerate 5mph (up to 100mph) and move to keep their line (center line if between two lines)


Arena Time

A vehicle can make the full lap with +/- 150" of move. Thus while a medium speed of 100mph, it will need +/- 45turn, so an estimate 15 seconds.




Duellists earn cash as normal. Gangs receive half the whole cash of both duellists. Prestige and skill award are based on individual earning.


Each checkpoint worth cash value : 300$ for first vehicle, 100$ for second, 40$ for third.

Ranking is determined by finish, or for time elapsed for killed vehicles



Vehicle “AADA vehicle guide n°3” (slighty modified)



Sedan streamlined, x-hvy chassis, hvy susp, Sport PP with SCs, Driver w/safety seat, 4 SB solid tires, ABS, ATG front w/APFSDS ammo, extra magazine with HESH ammo (special rule : can wipe out ice counter), magazine switch, Ice Dropper back, Spoiler, Acc 5, Top Speed 140mph, HC 3 (4 at 60mph), Standard plastic armor : F37,L30,R30,B44,T9,U12, 24966$, 5838lbs

The Tankbuster recovers 2HC per turn with a gunner and 3 HC per turn with a driver.