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First BLUD


Rules – Event








No phantom will engage the bowl this time. Vehicles are turning around the border wall at 60mph, waiting for green lights.

This arena is a target-hunter game. Each car had an assigned target. When a vehicle is killed or leave arena, it transfers his target to its hunter.

Duellist can however shoot another car than target, but cash is halved and targeting computer won’t operate.

Ending arena when one duellist leaving or 15 second elapsed as habitual


Cash is earned like in standard rules. However, since tailchaser have a metal armor, only internal damage or metal loss will earn cash value. Hazard is not affected.

If they have less than 7 players, each team will engage two duellists. In a case of a car earn as target other team car, they share the same target.


Metal Armor is less ablative than plastic armor – any damage in excess of armor value passes through the interior of the vehicle and the armor remains (more or less) intact. Every 6 rolled on damage dice will reduce the armor value by 1 with the Vulcan machinegun. Every 5 or 6 on damage dice with the rocket launcher.


Starting at 5th second, a special interrupt will occur as scenario “first BLUD” specify





Tailchaser 2035

AADA guide 2


24535$, 5758lbs


Streamlined Mid-sized, Extra Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, 200 cid engine w/VP Turbocharger, 8 gallon Racing gas tank (full), 4 Solid tires, Driver w/TC and BA and PFE, 2-space Turret Top w/Rocket Launcher, Vulcan Machine Gun Front, Hi-res targeting computer, Spoiler, Metal Armor: F13, L11, R11, B10, T7, U2, Max range 308, Acceleration 7.5, Top Speed 92.5, HC 3 (4 at 60mph)


??? Blackwater Tanker, ten-wheeler



??? Buffalo, break



??? Security car, sedan