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Rules – Event


2035 First BLUD












Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target



Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target

HC 3

HC 2

Next 2”

Safe -2


RL at Edwin Iron head [miss]

Number 5

Next 1/2”

Safe -4


sidewipe wall


Number 7

Gang : Peril Jaune / Driver : Akito (+1)



Turret RL : right arc

RL : Ammo (7)

VMG : Ammo (12)


No Damage

Gang : Wheels of Fire / Driver : Dammy (+2)



Turret RL : right arc

RL : Ammo (7)

VMG : Ammo (17)


Driver: Stunned for three turn. Recover ending turn 17.

Armor : Front (6) Back (9)




Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target



Gang : Vulcan Team


Gunner : Denise (+2)


Exit arena in turn 8


Position : 12th, no kill, multiplier x1

Cash earning : 75x1 = 75$

HC -3

Next 2”

Safe -1

D6 left, 1”

VMG on truck

[Hit, Dg 6]

Number 2 >> Truck

Gang : Autopilot 1 / Gunner / Driver (-1)


RL : no ammunition left

VMG : Ammo (19)


Left Side: Armor (9)




Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target




Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target

HC 4

HC 3

Next 2”

Safe -1


VMG on Truck

[Hit, Dg 7] 0$

Number 9

No move

Safe -4

D2 left

VMG at Buffalo


Number 10

Gang : Damocles / Gunner : Aaron (+2)



Turret RL : right arc

RL : Ammo (2)

VMG : Ammo (18)


Armor : Left (9) Back (9)

Tires : Rear Right (7)

Gang : Wheels of Fire / Gunner : Spike (+1)



Turret RL : destroyed

VMG : Ammo (17)


Armor : Front (12) Left (8) Right (6) Back (7) Top (3)

Tires : Front Left (7) Front right (3) Rear left (3) Rear right (4)

Gas engine : DP (11). minor damage

Gas tank  : DP (5)




Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target


Gang : Vulcan Team / Driver : Douglas (-1).



On right side


RL : destroyed

VMG : destroyed


Armor : Front (7) Left (10) Right (8) Top (5) Under (1)

Tires : Front Left (6) Front right (4) Rear left (4) Rear right (6)

Driver: Death wounded (-1) body armor (destroyed)

Gas engine : destroyed


Self Kill in turn 12


Position : 10th, no kill, multiplier x3

Cash earning : 590x3 = 1770$

HC 4

Next 2”

Safe -1

AWOL (2”)


Number 12

Gang : Metal Militia / Gunner : K7 (+2)



Turret RL : rear arc

RL : Ammo (5)


Armor : Right (7)

Tires : Front Left (11) Rear Left (1)


Armor : Left (5)

Gas engine : DP (10) Gas tank  : DP (4)





Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target



Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target

HC 0

HC 4

Next 2”

Safe -1

D3 left, 1”

RL at Truck

[Hit, Dg 11]

Number 3 >> 2 >> Truck

Next 2”

Safe -1

AWOL (3”)


Number 1

Gang : Autopilot 2 / Gunner / Driver (-1)


RL : no ammunition left


No Damage

Gang : Metal Militia / Driver : Hip63 (+1)


Turret RL : right arc

RL : Ammo (8)


Armor : Left (10) Right (8)



Gang : Peril Jaune


Gunner : Hanabi (Unconscious)


Armor : Right (8) Left (3) Top (6) Under (1)

Tires : Front left (3) Rear left (4)

Wheel loss : Front right and Rear right

Driver : Mortal Wound [0]

Gas engine : DP (4) Fuel system ! Radiator !

Gas tank  : DP (1) Breached !


Kill by Daisy in turn 9


Position : 11th, no kill, multiplier x2

Cash earning : 50x2 = 100$



Move Actions

Firing Actions

Actual Target

HC 1

Next 2”

Safe -1

D4 left, 1”

VMG at Buffalo

Akito on LOS


Number 6

Gang : Damocles / Gunner : Daisy (+1)



Turret RL : left arc

RL : Ammo (4)

VMG : Ammo (17)


Armor : Left (9)


Kill :  1


Special Event Vehicule Starting turn 13


Blackwater Tanker


45mph / 2”

Move Actions

Firing Actions



62.5mph / 2.25”

Move Actions

Firing Actions


HC 1

HC 2

1”, D1 left

Drop lot of oil on the track


Left RL at Security Car 1

[Hit dg 5]

D4 right, 1.25”

Medium laser on Douglas

[Hit Dg 6 reduce to 3]

Armor is laser reflective metal !

Douglas is badly hit


Flechette guns on Security car 2 front right tire [Miss]

Driver : Sad Sally Simms (+1)

Gunner : Brickyard Lewitz


Front RR w/Heat Ammo [1]

Right Tanker RL [1]

Turret Tanker TwL [1]

Back Tanker HDOJ [1]


Cab Armor : Front [19] Left [7] Right [11]


Tanker Armor : Left [9]

Driver : Sawtooth Mike Groghan (Driver +2, Gunner +2)

Gunner : Edwin Ironhead (Pintle mount position)


Front ML Ammo [2]

Top linked FGs [2]




Blackwater safety car

Blackwater safety car 2

15mph / No Move

Move Actions

Firing Actions



70mph / 1”

Move Actions

Firing Actions


Roll !

HC 4

Roll Tires






Driver : Harry Zarwein (death wounded)

Gunner : Joey Cameron (death wounded)


Armor : Front [Breached] Left [Breached] Right [6]Top [Breached] Under [9]

Left Wheelguard [5], Left Wheelhubs [5]

Rear right [4] Other [3]


Internal Damage

Power Plant [Destroyed]

Left Recoiless rifle [Destroyed]

Driver w/BA [DP -3, 3], Gunner w/IBA [DP -1-6]


Driver : Capitaine Jane Blake (+2)

Gunner : Pierce Moose (+2)


No Damage




Waiting for Turn 16 actions (sec 6, ph1)


Turn 16 (Sec 6, Ph 1)


“This damn truck take hard this time !”

“Without the front cover of a rolling security car, of course, Paul”


Turn 15 (Sec 5, Ph 3)


Whowhowhowww….this is chaos men !”

“Does Metal Militia are with these guys ? He seem want to kill some yellow skin tonight !”


 “Security frequency: Duellist, the tanker it’s merely fully load, don’t shoot at him! I repeat aim at the cab truck, not at the bomb behind !”

And Aaron hit the tanker with an Vulcan salvo….

Rules : If an vehicle miss the cab while inside both firings arc of cab and tanker weapons, he could hit the tanker instead (with a successful hit roll at -1)


Turn 14 (Sec 5, Ph 2)


“Metal militia eat metal tonight !”

Hi Aada suckers, were the BLUD, taste the doom !


Dammy inflict a T-bone collision to K7, Gas engine and gas tank suffer damage [360$]

Hip63 suffer T-bone collision by the rolling security car left side. The driver loss conscious


Turn 13 (Sec 5, Ph 1)


Doww a truck ??”

Here we goes guys, kill all these bastard !!! Haahahaha

“Security frequency: Stop this fucking ten wheeler, we’ll triple cash value on him”


Special Event : First B.L.U.D. (ADQ ¾)


“The "Highway Sharks" have become members of the newly created B.L.U.D. members.
The BLUD are the opposite of the AADA rules who's been create to regule autoduelling. BLUD is bloodsport, BLUD have no respect for crowd security, BLUD have no respect for division, BLUD have no respect for respect, BLUD are barely open to road barbarian and alcohol. The BLUD players get nothing but salvage and prestige should they emerge victorious; that, and a tremendous party their BLUD brothers will throw for them
Sawtooth and its team enter the arena as spectator, with the Buffalo, a light break designed for support and salvage. During the amateur night before the great arena, they leave the tribune. Sawtooth, Sally and Edwin goes to their vehicle. During this time, Levitz neutralize guards of the truck zone and Sawtooth give the signal by CB to their comrades.
The arena under attack of gangs vehicles (combat one this time), most of the security vehicles and personnel goes to the north side. Sawtooth start its engine and put down sally to the truck zone. Now time to rock n roll. »


Turn 13 : The  stealed truck enter the arena with a rolling wrecked security car front of him with 13 damage in front side armor at 40mph (random entry gate : 2).

Turn 14 : The buffalo enter the arena at 60mph (random entry gate : 6)
Turn 16 : Security car 2 enter at 70mph (same door that Buffalo).


New walkaround (security car, buffalo and stealed truck)

Indications about damage are given one, not leaving DP for these vehicles (same for ammo, indications on used one)



Black Water Tanker (Div 110, DM 4). Cash x3

The classic low-weight armored gas tanker of the blackwater zone

10 Wheel Cabover, power plant, 10 tires, 6 wheelguards, trucker, gunner, 3 Rocket in rocket platform, Small bore weapon, passenger accommodations. Fireproof Armor


15’ Tanker, Laser in universal turret, Rocket left, Rocket right, Liquid dropper back, Fireproof Armor, spare tires (left), spare tire (right). Cargo: Gas

Sad Sally” Simms   (Truck +1, Gunner 0, Navigation +1)  Shotgun, Gas mask, Tear gas grenade
Brickyard” Levitz     (Gunner 0, Martials art +1, Theft 0, Stealth +1) Blended body armor, gas mask, sword, heavy pistol


Buffalo (Div 25, DM 1)

A light armored support vehicle mostly designed for salvaging vehicles than real combat

Station Wagon, off road suspension, power plant, 4 off road tires, driver, 3 passenger, sunroof, pintle mount (facing rear) with 2 small bore weapons, tripod gunshield, Laser front, bumper spikes, Plastic Armor, Spare tire (top)



Sawtooth MikeGroghan (Driver +2, Gunner +2, Leadership +1) Laser Rifle, laser energy pack

 Edwin “Ironhead (Mechanic +2, Gunner 0, Driver 0) Machine pistol, battle vest


Blackwater Safety Car I & II (Div 30, DM 1)

Arena Security Forces


Sedan, power plant, 4 Radial tires, Driver w/BA and Safety Seat, Gunner w/TC and IBA and Safety Seat, Rocket Front, Small bore weapon left, Small bore weapon right, Fireproof Armor, Ramplate, 2 Wheelguards Back, 2 Wheelhubs Front




BLUD goal : unknown (maybe destroy everything or just steal the truck)

AADA goal : explode BLUD forces. Triple cash value on them.




Turn 12 (Sec 4, Ph 3)


“I think we’ll see in a time a great collision.”

“Security frequency:

Jane, Harry call, the break you chase come from the gas stat…

Harry look at your left !…..BLAAAAAAMMMMM..arggzzzhhhzzz

“Gate 2 in fire paul !”


Douglas extinguish the fire of its killed vehicle. Autopilot2 recover Douglas’s target. Since its Autopilot 1, both car share Dammy as target !


Turn 11 (Sec 4, Ph 2)


“If douglas are merely out, I thinks that Spike is not.”

“I’m agreed, he can thanks the wall soon”

“Security frequency: Cameron, no marauders have breach the north force security. Where did he come from ?”


Akito provoke a little sidewipe with Aaron. However, no more damage that some paint ripping

Hanabi hit the ground! Rear left tire take 8 damage, other tires take 9. Hanabi loss conscious [Kill]

Autopilot1 is now the target of Douglas


Turn 10 (Sec 4, Ph 1)


“Look, Spike loose its turret !...”

“Nothing matter for Hanabi who leaving the combat…”


Akito provoke a little sidewipe with Aaron. However, no more damage that some paint ripping

Hanabi hit the ground! Rear left tire take 8 damage, other tires take 9. Hanabi loss conscious [Kill]

Autopilot1 is now the target of Douglas


Turn 9 (Sec 3, Ph 3)


Dammy put its car between Daisy and Spike !...”

“A good defensive action that give time to its teammate…”

“Security frequency : Officer, I take chase of a rusted station wagon moving toward the inner area”


Akito hit a Aaron’s car piece of metal (obstacle) suffering a D3 hazard


Turn 8 (Sec 3, Ph 2)


“One girl out !...”

“I keep an eye on the flying japanese for the next one…”


Denise leave arena… Dammy (n°2) is assigned as new target for Autopilot1

Douglas awake and pray. It working a little time: its vehicle doesn’t explode yet (next roll turn 11)


Turn 7 (Sec 3, Ph 1)


“Coward ! Coward ! Coward ! The Vulcans seem out...”

 “Or maybe she want just to help outside, paul…”


Denise loose control and start a spin-out. She recovers her car in awesome speed, but in T-stop position in corridor entry…

K7 scratch the paint of Aaron’s car with a light touch sidewipe, earning 25$ with the D1 hazard


Turn 6 (Sec 2, Ph 3)


“Hey they barely shoot on merciless drivers !”

Mmm Paul, they’re gang members after all, not hospital crews…”


The two rolling vehicles of Spike and Hanabi take internal damage this turn.

Hanabi loose control, perform a major and a minor fishtail. Next move, it will vault into the air from the right side


Turn 5 (Sec 2, Ph 2)


Douglas inflict a T-bone collision to Hanabi, going down to 45mph.

Collision inflict 6 damage to douglas’s front armor, destroy the vulcan machinegun and damage the gas engine (radiator crash on the ground)

Collision inflict 5 damage to hanabi’s left armor, damage the gas engine breaking the fuel system, and damage the gas tank

Both vehicle suffer a D5 hazard. Douglas earns 590$ and stunned for two turns.


Douglas’s car loose control, perform a major then a minor fishtail. Next turn the vehicle will turn sideways and roll in flames!

Spike loose control after daisy shoot, performing a major fishtail. Next turn the vehicle will turn sideways and roll!


“Oh my god ! KFC time for the chicken !”


Turn 4 (Sec 2, Ph 1)


Ohoh, hanabi drive and cross line of sight and theirs rocket and bullets !”

“A smart fried chicken who leave its front wing on the floor …”

“Security frequency : We’ll keeping two security car for internal security patrol.”


Turn 3 (Sec 1, Ph 3)


Akito and Denise continue to bring some chaos. First obstacle is drop and Dammy be the first to loose control and fishtail”


Turn 2 (Sec 1, Ph 2)


“Turrets are moving, poor vulcan accuracy”


Turn 1 (Sec 1, Ph 1)


“Girl are hot today! Denise score the first hit !”


Turn 0 (Sec 0, Ph 0)


“Hey paul, we’ll retuning to the blackwater dome ! he look like peril jaune become the king last time, do you thinks he can manage to keep on the throne tonigh ?”

“Yeah I think so, their worth not much as a …sssshhhh

“Here is the chief security officier, some unknown armored vehicle have engaging our north security forces. Since it’s nothing we can’t handle, I wish you a nice match !”

“Hey, what’s the fuck ? marauders here ? I beg  five dollars it’s the Heaven’s Wreckers !”